Friday, June 20, 2008

Snacks Vs LOUSY Corp Communication Skills

I'm shocked myself...
that's my office waste-bin by my table.
Supposed to be a "paper waste-basket"..
But turned out to be a snack wrappers waste basket...
My Triumph for the day...
- 2 small packs of Lay's potato chips,,
- 1 twirl Chocolate,
- 2 packs of Chrysanthemum white tea,
- 2 slices of Gardenia Raisin bread,
- couple of chips Ahoy cookies (wrappers buried underneath).

Think that's about the norm of my snacking quantity in the office... (daily)
I wonder if the cleaner comes in the next day will start pondering.., " this guy come to work or come to snack one...?"

Personally , I think when I snack and work, seems more productive though... but, what kind of logic...

On a side note,
am getting that sense of Job insecurity now...
All thanks to a prticular high managemnet personnel that hails from the Ldn office, giving a "spectacular" speech to address the floor of "slaves" like us slogging our butts off for someone who doesn't deserve it.
I seriously think this guy desparately needs to unde-rgo a through and thorugh form of "effective Corporate Communication Skills" course, coupled with "Extreme EQ powered-up" crash-course.
Even a hearing impaired person can get that sacarsm AND the implications that "go look for a job elsewhere if you want security".

Thanks man for the wake up call.

I hope you live to regret what you have brought across to over 100 staffs and counting, intentionally or unintentionally.
The cost of ineffective communication.
Just hope you don't come near me in your walk-ard session.
At least I know on that fateful day when i throw my letter out, that's definitely a main reason for it....!

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