Monday, June 30, 2008

Post Race-thoughts

Different Teams....

...but for the same passion

Thought No. 1
It really feels different when you are up against in the same race with your frens representing different Teams.
Definitely not one of jealousy nor"conflict of interest".
Be it that we used to/still train under the same team, or friends acquainted off the DB arena, amd competitors on the water.
Giving that sincere pat of encouragement and congratulatiosn to one another after the race ended,while minutes ago on the same water, we were breathing down each other's neck trying our best to bring one another down.

Friendship conquers all, even amidst those comeptitive spirits that filled the air.
We may be racing for different teams (or even up against one another), but that's altogether for the spirit of the sports. Freindship and comradeship never deteriorates amidst them all.

Thought No. 2
You may be a nobody in a team, but what the sports count is team spirits and passion for the game. you may not be valued in one team given teh limitations, but you could make a significant difference in another.
Its more than physical strength and brawn in this game. Its the spirit of competitivness that brings out the marvel in this sports.
You have made the right choice to switch, a switch to a team where you find out the true spirits of comeptitive races.
Races where you never failed to give your hundred-and-one.

Thought No. 3
Its not just about beating the boat beside us, trying to get ahead regardless of placing, but rather, racing against the race-leaders, keeping one another in pace and finally crossing that finishing line with a sense of doubt of whose 1st, 2nd or 3rd..

That's the kind of race experience thats truly worth all the sundays and saturdays.

After so long, I realised how it really felt to be in a true race..., when you are breathing down one anothers' neck for that race-leader position...

It's time to break from the stagnant level we are at , and up the physical trg intensity. We have made our First-ever appearance as a combined team with a bang, and that is definitely not gonna lose steam..

It's gonna just picked up from here there-on.. HP, here we come.....!

Take A Bow

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