Saturday, June 07, 2008

Style meet Substance - IXY 25 IS

Guess what...
So far, I think the best bargain and satisfied shopping item i got in Japn is the below Digi Cam.

Known as Canon Digital IXUS 85 IS outside Japan, its the 'improved' version for the Ixus 70 /75..

So glad whn i saw S'pore retail at $529, and I managed to get it in Japan for $309
Wah!!!! And the Japan Version name I think sounds better..
Canon Digital IXY 25 IS.

Hmm... tmrw going to check out the next extravagant gadget that I planned to get here...
Its goona be the GPS system for my new "babe"...
Its supposed to be cheaper here too..
Wished me luck

hmm.. i fore-see eating bread for the next couple of months liao.... =(
Singapore Version

Japan Version

p.s. even the physical looks nicer for the Japan Set.. hahahaa... self-full-filing prophecy

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yInZ said...

Haiz.. u fastly come back settle the log stuffs hoh!!!

so envy.. i also wan the seafood!!!