Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Race 08: an experience never before

Day 1
"Jubilant of Triumph"
The joy and excitement the Team experienced after teh triumphant over the many corporate Giants.
Seeing the results of endless hard-10s and "tyre-towing" under the afternoon weekend sun paid off.
The solid leads in starts re-affirmed those trg techniques really worked. Not once, not twice, but all the time.
Our greatest enemy has turned from "Charging" to "Maintenance".

Boat B performance was above average. Against 2 petroleum giants , whom surprisingly didnt engage the use of their "V-power" or "Synergy 8000".
Probably becos of the increase in petrol prices recently, one has down-graded to Formula 95 and the other just Synergy 5000 due to cost cutting measures?
That probably gave us the winning edge?

"Anguish of Defeat"
Boat A wasn't so lucky though.
Surrounded by 2 teams of giant corporate PC provider, meaning they can "program" anything to their own likings, including race results? lol
The "fashion apparels" team didn't ffare that badly, driving down the message that they can not only sells, but "delivery" provided...

The 20 crew mixed open Championship was a great experience for us.
Alongside the studious uni undergrads (i think they trained harder than they studied... lol), and peolpe from down-under, we were glad we could stillbreathe down their neck thorughtout the 800m course. But the fact is, our "head" didnt managed to squeeze into the finsihing line before the younger students...

Day 2
"Jubilant of Triumph"
The gals team heats and finals took place on the same day.
With an awesome starts that put the gals leading was really an advantage.
Breathing down their neck was the petroleum team (read: Exxonmobil) ,but i think they forgot to top up full tank before the race, and have to shift down-gear midway through.
Probably the "marketers" (Mg & G aka Naga) or rather the media industry has an edge over the banks.. Quietly they stealth from behind (from 3rd placing initially!) and hit the finishing line just a second ahead at the last 50m!
All hope's not lost, as the gals still get into the finals as a hot favourite.
But then, this time faced with that big computer giant that can "program" anything, it was like a breeze for the latter right from the start.
So it was clearly a fight for the second spot with the "Media ladies" once again...
Alas, it was clear the media has the upper hand over the bank and garnered the silver piece of metal.

"Anguish of Defeat"
The guys Semis were full of adrnalin and "true racing experience".
Thanks to the great coaching techniques (and it works!), we managed to pulled off the start as a leading boat for the first 100m, throwing behind the red coloured local bank and the green UK-based bank far behind.
Hitting a side-by-side pacing scenario with the media team once again, ( i think they are really out to give the banks a run for their money), effortlessly breathing down our necks again.. (but really, we got no money, stop chasing us!!).
Reluctance to give way, it was clearly a fight for 1st and 2nd placing for the next 650m. you hard-10, i speed up, you speed up, i hard-10. Still, they were just too powerful for us to play the catching-up game. It was a really great "pacing" race between the 2...
Talk about the poer of media...
Amidst all this chasing game, the group of health freaks (read Fitness & Health Institute Pte Ltd) just crept up to take a 0.36s lead into the finishing line before us... WTF.....

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