Wednesday, June 11, 2008


4 am and i'm still up.
Well, not surprisingly, since its only abt 1 hour plus since i left the work-station. which is teh norm for the past 1yr 20 mths.

After the 1 week hiatus, am getting that sense of paranoid and "so many things NEEDS to be done, but so little time" kinda syndrome.

Paranoid becos I felt to be lagging alot for the past 1 week plus.
Its only 2 more weeks to the 'D-day' at Bedok reservoir, but i felt so "under-prepared".
Just felt i needed more than the 2 weeks, and more than the remaining 4 training session to 'gear up'.
I don't wish to disappoint, and I long to share the joy.

I need to work even harder from now...

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